Special events for BYGV yogis

Full Moon Dinners

Join the BYGV staff and your fellow yogis for a monthly social!

Each month we select a different location. Enjoy the food and get to know each other off the mat!  See the front desk or check out our Facebook page for more details and to sign up

30-day challenge

Improve and challenge your mind, body and spirit by signing up to take 30 Bikram Yoga classes in 30 days. These run the first month of each quarter: January, April, July, and October. If necessary, you may do doubles to make up for missed classes! Please remember, no triples are allowed at BYGV. The benefits will amaze you!

Jim Dolan

Three years ago I bought a $30 unlimited yoga ticket, and took two classes to try it out. Both times I almost passed out at the same spot, “standing head to kneee.” It was pretty scary. But I was intrigued, so last year, when I saw the ad for the 30-day challenge, I got a couple of teachers at my school to do it. Two of us completed it and felt great. I think I lost 10lbs. This year I did the 60-day challenge — this time on my own.

The benefits are remarkable – not just the weat loss, strength and flexibility. I think it increases your ability to focus and stay calm, which really helps me a lot as a skydiver. Arching, focusing, handling situations calmly and dealing with upwards of 90 first-graders at a time!

I asked my wife what she thinks I got out of the challenge and she said “you got your sexy inner peace back!”

Jim DolanBYGV Student