In order to ensure your comfort and safety, we respectfully request that you observe the following studio guidelines:

Our policies

Multiple classes

Students may participate in a maximum of two classes per day. If you plan to take two classes in a day, please make sure to replenish your electrolytes and stay hydrated. Triples are not allowed.

Be on time

Please arrive at least 15 minutes before class. Classes start ON TIME. Late-comers will not be admitted.

Sign in

Please sign in at the front desk as soon as you enter the studio.

Lost & found

Please be attentive to your belongings. If you do forget something at the studio, please let us know right away. Lost and found items are donated to Goodwill and Safenest on a regular basis.


We are not responsible for any lost or stolen property. Lockers are provided for free with the use of your own lock. Please either use the lockers or leave valuables in your car. Locks are available for purchase at the front desk and to rent for $1. Please remove all jewelry prior to entering the Yoga room.


All students must wear clothing suitable for hot yoga. Wear something you can stretch and sweat in with your legs and arms free. Bare feet please.

Cell phones

Cell phones are not allowed in the yoga room. Please speak softly and keep your conversations to a minimum in the lobby and changing rooms. Ringers must be off.

In the yoga room

All students must use a yoga mat and large towel. Do not touch the fans or the humidifiers before, during, or after class. Your instructors have been trained on proper control of the conditions of the room. Please refrain from using a hand towel or washcloth in order to receive the maximum benefit from each posture.

Studio etiquette

Respect your neighbours’ silence

The yoga room is reserved for practice and meditation. Please maintain silence in the room and speak quietly in the lobby so your fellow students can prepare for — and finish — their classes peacefully.

Help keep the yoga room tidy

All you need is your mat, towel, and water. Please leave your clothes and other belongings in the lockers we’ve provided or in your car.

Don’t hog the shower!

Please remember that just about everyone needs to freshen up before and after class, and limit your shower time to three minutes.

Help keep BYGV fresh and clean

Please shower and pay special attention to your feet before and after class, making sure both you and our studio stay fresh and clean.

Keep your special scent…special

Your favourite scent or perfume may not be that of the person practicing next to you, so please wait until after class before applying it.

Drink your water…

Stay hydrated by drink plenty of water throughout the day and during class when the teacher says it’s OK to.

Respect your neighbours’ space

Avoid blocking another student’s view when placing your mat. Please move your mat as necessary to accommodate others, especially in a full room.

Be mindful of your fellow students

Please refrain from distracting fellow students while they practice by talking, or by walking through the class during postures. If you must leave, please do so quietly in between postures, and wait to re-enter the same way.

Please stay for the entire class

Please stay for the entire class, including final savasana. When you are ready to leave, please remember to do so silently.