Online articles and blogs 60 Day Challenge:  Part 1, Part 2

A Woman Before Dawn: The Las Vegas Writer’s blog on BYGV owner Stacey Shea.

Sweating it Out on the Las Vegas Weekly Blog with Janelle Lewis and Stacey Shea

Vegans in Vegas on iTunes: Episode 9, Adria DeCorte of Healthy Vegas Vegan and BYGV student Rigel Painter

Why you should go to Paris and try Bikram Yoga: Huffington Post 11 Jun 2013

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Jenny McCarthy’s take on Bikram Yoga: My 15-minute Yoga Sculpting Workout  (PDF)

We’re one John Salvatore’s “Ten Things I Love about Vegas” (PDF)

Bikram’s Hot Commodity (PDF): An interview with Bikram Choudhury in Yoga Journal, 2009

A Beginner’s Guide to Bikram Yoga: Rowena Jade Ooi for (PDF)

Video: Emmy Cleaves

Emmy Cleaves on Yoga

With more than 60 years as a yoga practitioner and 40 of those as a Bikram Practitioner, Emmy is one of the most experienced yogis on the planet. Make yourself comfortable and enjoy this inspiring and heartwarming interview with her.